On the Catholic Priesthood

Thursday February 07, 2019


Thou art of the gods and of the sons of the Most High, 
Human is the dignity of a king; divine that of a priest. 

When a king dies, honors and power forsake him;
 when a priest dies, his priesthood remains forever, 

A king commands men, a priest God himself; 
a powerful king conquers his enemies; 
 a true priest overcomes the world. 

A king can imprison the body or otherwise punish it; 
 a priest can bind the soul itself. 

A king can free captives from bodily chains; 
 a priest can free souls from the tyranny of the devil 
 and the snares of sin. 

A king can do nothing save on earth; 
 a priest is powerful in heaven itself. 

A king may possess the treasures of the world ; 
 a priest holds those of heaven. 

A king may send gifts to kings;
 a priest holds aloft sacrifice to the God of heaven; 

A king offers gold;
 a priest offers God himself. 

His voice penetrates the heavens whence he draws graces;
there he appeases and moves God; there he exercises judgment over men. 

In very truth his sentence precedes the sentence of God; 
whatsoever he loosens or binds is loosened or bound in heaven. 

 Source: An Epitome of the Priestly Life,