The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

For the bishop and priests of the Raleigh, NC Diocese.

Documents and Articles

"All the Christian faithful have the duty and right to work so that the divine message of salvation more and more reaches all people in every age and in every land."

-- Code of Canon Law, Can. 211

Curé D'Ars

  ●   Saint John Mary Vianney (Catholic Encyclopedia)
  ●   The Curé D'Ars (Pope John Paul II)
  ●   Catechism on the Priesthood (St. John Vianney)
  ●   St. John Vianney's blueprint for the priesthood back in favour (Fr. John Cihak)
  ●   Sanctuary of Ars
  ●   Sermons of the Cure of Ars (exerpts)
  ●   The Life of Saint John Vianney (Paolo Risso)

Priesthood - Church Documents

  ●   On the Catholic Priesthood (Pope Pius XI)
  ●   Sacerdotii Nostri Primordia (Pope John XXIII)
  ●   Ordinatio Sacerdotalis (Pope John Paul II)
  ●   On the Bishop (Pope John Paul II)
  ●   Holy Hour for Priests (Pope Pius XII)
  ●   On the Development of Holiness in Priestly Life (Pius XII)
  ●   Cardinal Hummes on Priesthood
  ●   On the Celibacy of the Priest (Pope Paul VI)
  ●   The Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community (Pope John Paul II)
  ●   The Eucharist and the Priest (Congregation for the Clergy)
  ●   Adoration, reparation, spiritual motherhood for Priests (Congregation for the Clergy)
  ●   Letter for the sanctification of the Clergy (Congregation for the Clergy)

Priesthood - Articles

  ●   One Priest’s View on the Vocations Crisis
  ●   The Priesthood (Catholic Encyclopedia)
  ●   Priestly Ordination (Fr. Most)
  ●   The Personal Example of the Parish Priest Is What Attracts Vocations (Fr. Stuart Bate)
  ●   A Priest Forever (St. Josemaria Escriva)
  ●   No Eucharist Without the Priesthood(Fr. Hardon)
  ●   The Necessity of the Catholic Priesthood (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Orthodox Priests in a Divided Church (Fr. John Trigilio)
  ●   Priests Must Live a Martyr's Life (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   The Value of Prayer and Sacrifice for Priests (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Come and See (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   The Priest: Icon of Christ, Enabler of Sanctity (George Weigel)
  ●   The Priestly Life (Ronald Knox)
  ●   Why a Priest Should Wear His Roman Collar (Charles M. Mangan and Gerald E. Murray)
  ●   Praying for our Priests (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Caring for our Priests (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Apostolate for Priests (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Humility and Obedience in the Priest (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Treatise on the Priesthood (St. John Chrysostom)
  ●   The Priest's Struggle For Sanctity (John A.O'Brien)
  ●   Preparing for Your Mission as Priests with Mary's Help (Benedict XVI)
  ●   Pope Benedict XVI on the Priesthood
  ●   Pope calls on bishops to evangelize with their own testimony of life (CNA)
  ●   Priests must live for Christ and for Others (Pope Benedict XVI)
  ●   The Nature of the Priesthood (Cardinal Ratzinger)
  ●   Renewing the Priesthood (Father Trigilio)
  ●   The Deposit of Faith and the Priesthood (Eugene Kevane)
  ●   The Ordained Priesthood (Eamonn Keane)
  ●   Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and the Priesthood (Fr. Antonio Maria Sicari, ocd)
  ●   The Priest as Man, Husband, and Father (Fr. John Cihak, S.T.D.)
  ●   The Clergy and Politics (John Newman: Tracts for the Times)
  ●   Women and the Priesthood (Catholic Answer)
  ●   Reapers of the Harvest (Rev. T.E. Bridgett, C.Ss.R.)
  ●   Cross Priests (Albert Doyle)

Vocation to the Priesthood

  ●   Decree On Priestly Training (Pope Paul VI)
  ●   How Bishops Discourage Vocations and the Key to Attracting Them (John Mallon)
  ●   Pray for Vocations (Pope Benedict XVI)
  ●   Can Catholic Parents Thwart a Religious Vocation? (Rev. George A. Kelly)
  ●   The Family: Seedbed of Vocations (Fr. John McCloskey)
  ●   The New Vows: Chastity, Poverty, Disobedience (This Rock)
  ●   Vocation is Renewal of Personal Frienship with Christ (Pope Benedict XVI)
  ●   Confession and Vocations (Fr. Hardon)
  ●   Celibacy and the Crisis of Faith (Book review of D. Von Hildebrand)
  ●   Fostering Vocations (Greg Bettencourt)
  ●   Vocation crisis: The self-inflicted wound (Dr. John P. Fraunces)
  ●   Faithful Families Help Vocations, Pope Says (Zenit)
  ●   Ordained to Sacrifice, Sacrifice and Vocations (Fr. John Hardon)
  ●   Pray The Harvest Master to send chaste laborers (Fr. Zimmerman)
  ●   Priests' continuing Formation(Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua)
  ●   Catholic Men Need Priests Who Will Lead(Matthew James Christoff)

Liturgy: Novus Ordo - Church Documents

  ●   General Diocesan Norms for the Celebration of the Sacred Liturgy of the Mass (Raleigh, August4, 2008)
  ●   Sacramental Guidelines for the Raleigh Diocese
  ●   Redemptionis Sacramentum
  ●   Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy(Vatican II)
  ●   Where Should We Put the Tabernacle(Canon Law)
  ●   Language In the Roman Rite Liturgy: Latin and Vernacular (Cardinal Arinze)
  ●   On Certain Questions Regarding the Collaboration of the Non-Ordained Faithful in the Sacred Ministry of Priest
  ●   Ecclesia Eucharistia (Pope John Paul II)
  ●   On the Sacred Liturgy (Pope Pius XII)
  ●   Liturgical Roles In the Eucharistic Celebration
  ●   On Preparing to Receive Christ Worthily in the Eucharist (USCCB)
  ●   On Removing Holy Water During Lent (Congregation for Divine Worship)
  ●   Lay ministers may not cleanse Communion vessels (Pope Benedict XVI)
  ●   Washing Feet On Holy Thursday

Liturgy: Novus Ordo - Articles

  ●   Pope's Response to Priests on the Liturgy (Zenit)
  ●   Q & A On Changes in the Mass (Adoremus)
  ●   Cardinal Ratzinger Blames Church Crisis on Liturgical Collapse (Paul Likoutis)
  ●   Loss of the Sacred (Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli)
  ●   Horizontalism Does Damage to Catholic Faith and Worship (Cardinal Arinze)
  ●   Is Your Mass Valid? (Bruce Sabalaskey)
  ●   Liturgical Abuses (Catholic Answer)
  ●   Why priests should stick to the Mass texts (Bishop T.J. Paprocki)
  ●   Suitable attire for Mass: the moral dimension (Bishop John W. Yanta)
  ●   The Seventeen Most Common Errors in the Liturgy (Fr. Thomas Morrow)
  ●   Fourteen Easy Ways to Improve the Liturgy
  ●   The Renewal of the Church's Traditional Liturgy
  ●   Cardinal Ratzinger on the Old and the New Mass
  ●   The Spirit of the Liturgy by Cardinal Ratzinger (review)
  ●   On The Celebration Of Mass (Father Fessio)
  ●   The Ten Most Common Liturgical Abuses (Kevin Orlin Johnson)
  ●   How to Cope with Abuses in the Eucharistic Liturgy (Father Hardon)
  ●   The Tabernacle: "Out of Sight, Out of Mind" (Regis Scanlon, O.F.M. Cap)
  ●   Rome affirms right of laity to complain about abuses (Alberto Carosa)
  ●   The Jargon of Liturgists: Brain-Washing the Faithful (Calvert Shenk)
  ●   Altar Rails and Reverence

Liturgy: Novus Ordo - Of Special Concern

  ●   Should Holy Water be removed?
  ●   About that Oran Posture
  ●   Washing of feet on Holy Thursday (Fr. Jerry Pokorsky)
  ●   Kneeling for Holy Communion
  ●   What Color for Advent (Adoremus)
  ●   Advent: Blue is not a liturgical Color
  ●   Holding Hands During the Lord's Prayer (Fr. William Saunders)
  ●   Applause during Mass (Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.)
  ●   Clapping after singing at Mass (Fr. Robert Levis)
  ●   The Danger of Centering Prayer (Fr. Roh Dreher)
  ●   Conservationism and Conservatives (Ben Harnwell)

Liturgy: Tridentine Rite - Church Documents

  ●   Liturgy of the Mass
  ●   Summorum Pontificum (Pope Benedict XVI)
  ●   Raleigh Diocese's Implementation of Summorum Pontificum

Liturgy: Tridentine Rite - Articles

  ●   On the Restoration and Promotion of the Traditional Mass (Christian Browne)
  ●   The Kids are Old Rite (Matthew Schmitz)
  ●   Q&A On Summorum Pontificum (EWTN)
  ●   On Saying the Tridentine Mass (Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.)
  ●   Cardinal Castrillén Hoyos on Summorum Pontificum
  ●   Reflections on the Traditional Latin Mass (Fr. Kenneth Baker S.J.)
  ●   Traditional Liturgy as a Liberation from Egoism (Peter Kwasniewski, Homiletic and Pastoral Review)
  ●   Sancta Missa (Tutorial)
  ●   Mysterious Encounters (Michael Knox Beran)
  ●   Collection of Catholic Hymns

Liturgical Music

  ●   Instruction on Sacred Music (Pope Pius X)
  ●   The Origin of the Hymns of the Liturgy
  ●   Encyclical On Sacred Music (Pope Pius XII)
  ●   Cardinal Ratzinger on Liturgical Music (Michael J. Miller)
  ●   Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  ●   Heretical Hymns (George Weigel)
  ●   Guidelines for Liturgical Services (1962 Missal)
  ●   The Art of Gregorian Music (Dom Andre Mocquereau)
  ●   Toward a Revision of Music in Catholic Worship (William Mahrt)
  ●   When the Cantor Was Like a Priest (An interview with Domenico Bartolucci)
  ●   The Hidden Hand Behind Bad Catholic Music (J.A. Tucker)
  ●   Why Praise and Worship Music is Praise, But Not Worship ( Christopher Smith)

Church Architecture

  ●   Charles Borromeo and Catholic Tradition
  ●   Ten Myths of Catholic Architecture