The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

For the bishop and priests of the Raleigh, NC Diocese.


"Oh, my Celine, we are living for the souls, we are apostles, let us save above all the souls of Priests. These souls should be more transparent than crystal. Alas, how many unworthy priests there are, how many priests who are not holy enough! We pray, we suffer for them and, on the last day, Jesus will be grateful…" (LT 94).

-- St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Priesthood

Prayer at Mass for Priests ( For Children)

Be mindful, great God, eternal Father of all Thy holy servants, who once were weary here, but now live and rejoice in Thee.Bless Thy holy Catholic Church, her chief Pastor of Earth, Pope [name], the Vicar of Thy dear Son. Bless also, and keep from harm, our bishop [name] the clergy, and especially the priest (or priests) of the parish, and the priest at the Altar, Father [name].

Be mindful also of Thy servants (here name those who have asked you to pray for them), all the present and absent members of this Congregation. Preserve them from all evil both of soul and body. By this most holy Sacrifice save the souls of all for whom I ought to pray from sin, and bring them to Thy everlasting joy.

The little book of the most Holy Child Jesus. A prayer-book By John Priestley Warmoll. 1875