The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group

For the bishop and priests of the Raleigh, NC Diocese.


"Those therefore who after the manner of wicked heretics dare to set aside Ecclesiastical Traditions, and to invent any kind of novelty, or to reject any of those things entrusted to the Church, or who wrongfully and outrageously devise the destruction of any of those Traditions enshrined in the Catholic Church, are to be punished thus: If they are Bishops, we order them to be deposed; but if they are monks or lay persons, we command them to be excluded from the community."

-- Second Council of Nicaea 787 A.D.

Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony, glory of the Church and hammer of heretics, pray for our Holy Father, our bishops, our priests, our Religious Orders, that, through their pious zeal and apostalic labors, infidels, heretics, and all those outside the true Church of Christ may be converted and, united in faith, give greater glory to God. Amen.

Blessed Sacrament Book. Fr. Francis Xavier Lasance