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Wednesday July 10, 2019



Pray, then, for the young Levite, who says his first Mass today, that the grace of Holy Orders
 planted in his soul may bear fruit abundantly, and ever aid him in his high and arduous office.

Pray the Lord of the Vineyard, that He may send laborers into His vineyard, men "powerful in
work and word"; men with wills of steel, and hearts of gold, men of light and leading, trained like
St. Paul, in the best of all schools, that of "Christ and Him crucified."

Pray for him and all, remembering that they carry the great grace and responsibilities of Holy Orders,
"in vessels of clay. " And whilst availing yourselves of their ministrations in the great work of saving
 your souls, do not fail to thank God, "who hath given such power to men."

Source: Holy Orders by the Rev. William Graham